Meeting with Past RI President Rtn. K R Ravindran

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The Rotary Club of Bangalore arranged a weekly meeting with Past RI President Rtn. K R Ravindaran on 11th December, 2017. About 120 members of RID 3190 attended by invitation. PRIP shared his experience as RIPE, RI President and now as PRIP.

PRIP Rtn. K R Ravindaran is from Srilanka and joined Rotary at the age of 21 years. He started by sharing his experience in coming up with the theme for the year 15-16 “Be a gift to the world” and the practical challenges he faced.

The key take aways were (1) starting with a KRA (key responsibility areas) for self & the team (2) using negotiate skills for financial prudence and the importance of being transparent (3) equality across ethnicity & gender across all areas including the salary, particularly RI staff (4) managing travel, jet lags and being ready for a kodak moment (5) planned visits of various clubs regularly and impact on unplanned visits (6) the feeling of being one of the powerful man in the planet earth (7) due diligence before every action including calling for a staff to help, working with opposite genders and late nights (8) its a glory for a year (9) after glory, the President of the home club & Governor of the home District are the boss (10) keeping the connects alive and help towards fund raising

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