(Understand, Pledge & Progress)

Energy Swaraj Foundation (ESF) has started the initiative of Energy and Climate: Keep UPP (Understand, Policy, and Progress) to bring a comprehensive understanding of energy and climate change. ESF in collaboration with Rotary District 3190 in the latter’s initiative of Jnana Vaividya Yojana proposes an action-oriented program in making people aware of the inherent correlation between Energy and Climate Change and encouraging them to take a defining step towards avoiding minimizing and locally generating their own energy needs. This can be done in a three-step procedure:

Step 1 – Understand: Creating awareness of the correlation between energy and climate change. Every use of energy results in some amount of carbon dioxide emission. Knowingly or unknowingly every individual becomes part of this global crime of polluting our own environment leading to climate change and global warming. Awareness of this kind will bring a sense of responsibility and therefore action.

Step 2 – Pledge: Once aware, people have to take pledges on climate change. This will encompass taking pledges to become energy efficient, disciplined users and switching 100% to solar energy. These pledges can be as simple as switching light for 10 min, to avoid the use of some appliances, plant trees, reduce the electricity bill by 10% to completely going off-the-grid, and surrendering electricity connection.

Step 3 – Progress: Having taken a pledge, a team of volunteers will coordinate with people who have taken the pledge and monitor their progress and evaluate the adherence to the pledge for the time period of three months. This time period is considered to be well enough for making the pledge a habit in the life of the person taking it.

The Energy Swaraj Foundation will provide all possible technical assistance to the Rotary Club and its volunteers who will run this campaign of Energy and Climate: Keep UPP in their district.

Rtn. Raghu Allam
District Rotary Action Group Committee
Phone : +91 97405 77844

10 Clubs
100 Master Trainers
1000 Volunteers
50,000 Pledges

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