As part of Vocational Services, on Saturday- 17th Dec., ’16, we arranged a “work place” visit. Our Vocational Services Director Rtn. Keshav Menon arranged a three factory tour of the Cigfil Group that belongs to the families of Rtn Chandrashekar and his sister Mrs. Malathi .. Rtn. Keshav worked very hard on this visit all week and got most of us interested to participate

The hosts Rtn Chandrashekar and his sister Mrs Malathi were gracious and generous to host us from 10am to 2pm patiently rounding off with a sumptuous lunch

Factory visit 1/3

  • The polymer division of the Cigfil Group manufactures bulk bags that can hold upto 1.5 tons of cargo like fertilizers, foodgrains, gardensoil etc. It is an integrated unit from manufacture of yarn to printing on the bags and mostly exported to USA/Europe

Factory visit 2/3

  • The garment division of the Cigfil Group manufactures formal and semi formal shirts and trousers for the ITC brands like Wills Lifestyle and John Player stitched on the latest Juki machines and a unique assembly line imported from Switzerland. The visit to this plant was an eye opener for the Rotarians on the high production values and finish. This too is an integrated line from fabric processing to finished product packing.

Factory visit 3/3

  • The corrugated box division of the Cigfil Group manufactures corrugated boxes for FMCG companies including ITC. The 120/140 gsm paper is sourced from ITC Bhadrachalam and other paper suppliers. This is fluted and adhered to two plain paper layers, above and below, to make 3-ply finished paper board that is then cut and folded to make cartons.

Thanks to all the members, who could make it despite their hectic schedules. We also had a prospective member and his spouse who attended this event and were very impressed with RBWC fellowship .. they agreed to join immediately .. thanks to co-president Rtn Vinod of Platinum City and PE Rtn Kalpana Srilalitha.


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