The WINS program – hand wash and hygiene demo was a District event. We identified 3 govt schools to conduct hand wash & hygiene demo in our Whitefield area itself. We planned this simultaneously in 3 schools on 6th June 2017.

  • Vijayanagara Urdu Government School
  • K Dommasandra Government Primary School
  • Bevinamara Colony Government Primary School

Rtn. R R Patel sir, Rtn. Prakash, Rtn. Vandana , Surendra and Rtn, Kalpana participated.

It is indeed a nice ‘real-life cleanliness drive’ update for a lot of us.

Rtn. Patel explained cleanliness and washing hands importance. Kid ambassador badges were given, along with one teach ambassador badge. Virtual Hand wash was conducted. Kids took a vow to be ambassadors at home too. Kids were excited with the giveaway bookmark.



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