A volunteer-drive towards the cause of Garbage free Kundanhalli initiated by Whitefield Rising and The Ugly Indian….

It was great to see Rtn Manoj Kabre and Rtn Ramesh participating in a cleanup drive at Kundanhalli gate, which included painting of benches as well. There were a total of 20 volunteers who did this.

People used the benches even before the paint dried. The bus stop needs few benches. Benches create order at bus stops. We plan to put up some benches shortly if we can get some sponsors. The cost will be approximately about Rs. 1500 per bench. For 7.5k we can put seating for 6-8 people inside shelter and do some more finishing work as well.

A big thanks to all the participants! Everyday at least 50,000 people, numerous vehicles traverses this location. It’s been two years now since the WR team tried varied approaches to understand the way of things around this dynamic and vibrant locality, a major junction connecting India’s Silicon valley and many economic zones. Last year the team managed to get the drains covered, bus stop shifted & a shelter built. Our volunteers collected the household, commercial establishment,  paying guest, volume of garbage generation, it’s disposals, issues of the general public and the same info was shared among the public representatives, officials etc., which was instrumental in the ground level assessment and got the recent enhancements in garbage management equipments, Vehicles, men and more. But the garbage was being dumped vehemently at this location, it was a nightmare! Two days ago, our volunteer Karthikeyan had enough and decided to keep a night watch along with our valiant volunteers to understand the issues, today with the help of team #theuglyIndians #Nallurahalli Rising # Varthur Rising and #Whitefield Rising got the area transformed! With Chethan Reddy Vijay Reddy Anuradha Govind Sundaram, Anjali Saini, Karthikeyan Balasubramanian, Vaibhav Jain, Pravir Bagrodia.

Please reach out to us if you think you can contribute. rbwc.enquiry@gmail.comrotarybwc@outlook.com

Some pictures of the event.


k06 k07

Check more pictures in the gallery….


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