“One person may not be able change the whole world, but can certainly change the WHOLE WORLD for that ONE PERSON”…..   Just imagine what could happen if this “power” is made to amplify exponentially!

Rotary Bangalore Whitefield Central (RBWC) supports Shifting Orbits Foundation (SOF), a non-profit organization to start a “movement” to combat generational poverty!

RBWC as part of our CSR outreach has been supporting SOF on their mission of creating a chain/catalytic reaction in education!

SOF runs a flagship program called “12 to 21” whereby they handpick low-income families from urban slums and then completely takeover the educational journey of their children from the first day of high school to first day of job!

The program is delivered via “centres” led by “Field Staff” who are also graduates/undergraduates from the same community or SOF Alumni themselves. Amongst things taken care are – Financial sponsorship (as and if required) ,Tuition Classes, Learning Aids, Individualized mentorship, Career Awareness, Soft Skills, Course Selection, Admission or Relocation to schools/Colleges/ Vocational  courses and, in the last phase,  assisted career guidance for job search or entrepreneurship.

The only catch – Each beneficiary promises to pay it forward by uplifting another 10-12 of their community children once their “orbits gets shifted”

With the support of RBWC, today this project is helping 78+ families across 4 communities (KR Puram, Kadugudi, Dodennakundi and Immadihalli) in Bangalore.  The project has been running both online/offline classes and celebration/events for these children via virtual connects. The staff have been using innovative methods to help children revise and keep up with the curriculum.

What has been more profound about this project was that in spite of the challenges thrown by the pandemic, both the journey (of education) and learning never stopped for these children!

Continuing the Learning through Monthly Unit Tests while keeping Social Distancing


Parents orienting to the programme


Notebook/ Career Workbook Districbution


Tab distribution for e-enabling the children

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