NHF 8K and moving on …

Rotary Bangalore Whitefield Central, one of the clubs in the RI District 3190, has been working with Needy Heart Foundation for the past 9+ years. Although a young club, we have been contributing year on year to the cause of paediatric heart surgeries by raising funds from our club members, through their business associates, friends and relatives.

Needy Heart Foundation is one of the most straight forward and meticulous organization, which we as Rotarians place our trust on. Hence our foundation (The Rotary Foundation) also called as TRF has recognised their quality, sincerity and execution process as one of the highest order. For those same reasons our TRF has partnered with NHF on a global level.

Though a small and young club, we have contributed for upto 94 surgeries since our inception in 2008. Our salutes to Mr. O P Khanna who made it a reality of being able to afford heart surgeries by a donor thereby gifting a life to the poor. It continues to the extent of every donor being intimated and shared with all the details cum report of the children or beneficiaries they have donated for. This is one of a kind program.

One cannot make it any more noble than giving an opportunity for those special children to become adults, so that they dare to desire for a normal life, despite hailing from a challenged background on various aspects.

We have 2 senior Rotarians and Past Presidents Rtn. R N Sharma & Mr. R R Patel in our club, to whom this project is very emotional too. With their unshakable support, we intend to do 100 heart surgeries contribution during our 10th year called “Century Little Hearts”.

RBWC congratulates NHF on its journey of successfully completing 8000 heart surgeries this Rotary Year 2017-18! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of your coffee table edition.

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