RBWC members participated in the ICGF function, performed offsite.

A snap shot of the just concluded ‘Ambara’- ICGF on Club Service- on Sunday, Aug 20.

The first of the ICGFs for 17-18 was a tremendous success. Thanks to the overwhelming response from all the Rotarians and their families with representations from over 114 clubs- Thanks to the new concept-‘Apoorva’  introduced by DG. The Final count with all the families was a mind boggling 2300+. With the excellent promotion of the event, many of the families of Rotarians joined them, and had lots of fun enjoying the place. It would have been great if they  all had Registrered , and intimated in advance to the hosts for proper planning.

The presence of the galaxy of Past District Governors- HKV Reddy, Vishwanth Shetty, Bhansali, Yogananda, Badriprasad, KS Nagendra, KP Nagesh, HR Ananth, DG Asha, DGE Suresh Hari, and DGN Sameer brought galore to the event.

Amabara- meaning Sky was a very apt name for this lovely event which happened amidst mother nature at an exotic venue Shilaandara resports, near Ramangara last Sunday- Aug 20. The stage which was set up just to a huge single monolithic rock with excellent seating arrangements wore a grand and a Conference look.  While the Rotarians were busy with the sessions, their families thoroughly enjoyed a lovely Sunday with all the inbound and outbound activities- the resort provided, and it was like a Rotary festival.

Warm welcome, Ramangara famous Fresh Sugarcane Juice, and a grand breakfast awaited the early birds.  Normally breakfast closes by 9.30 at all events, but here it was was served very late till 11:30, and the host clubs did a fire fighting to accommodate double the crowd with alternate refills.

A grand welcome to DG and all the Rotarians by a fantastic ‘Tamate Vadya’ group was sensational. Everyone was on their toes to watch the excellent performance from the local musical troop.

Presidents of host clubs Bangalore North, and Silk City Ramanagara called the meeting to order. The MC for the first session invited the dignitaries DG Asha, Vice Governor Prasanna Kumar, Event Chair Vinodh, Co -Chair Gopal, District Secretaries Nagendra Prasad and Srinath Babu, key note speaker PDG Gururaj from RID 3181, Mysore, and the Chief guest- A renowned speaker Sri Arulu Mallige Parthasarathy.

While the Annets of Silk City Ramangara delivered a melodious invocation, the dignitaries did the honor of lighting the lamp.

Silk City Ramangara-President Rtn Prabhakar welcomed the gathering with pleasantries.

Bangalore North President Rtn Kiran introduced the District Governor in a unique way he presents a case in the Court, and also shared some heroic moments of DG during her earlier years which was a unique intro.

Event Chairman Vinodh talked crisply about ‘ Our Purpose today’, and called out the significance of the event, and the role  and importance of Club Service.

The Opening remarks from DG Asha was inspirational and right from her heart. She talked about why Club Service is critical for any club. She also spoke about adding in new members, more of women and below 40 ones, and on strategies on retention.

Directors for Club Service Rtns Satish Madhavan and Kumar Ankalkoti delivered an excellent presentation and showcased their sub committees, and what they had in store for the year ahead.

District Secretary, and the one who is overseeing all the District events for 17-18 Rtn Nagendra Prasad gave a neat introduction of PDG Gururaj.

PDG Gururaj then delivered a very informative key note address, with his slides covering the key areas of focus for Club Service, and was highly appreciated by all the participating Rotarians.

District Secretary Rtn Srinath Babu introduced in length the chief guest who is an eminent speaker with plenty of accolades.

Sri Arulu Mallige Parthasarathy’s address was simply mind blowing! With the excellent oratory skills he has, Rotary saw itself rhyming in various scenarios, since he customized his skills towards Rotary, and everyone was Awestruck at his kannada vocabulary and the pace at which he spoke.

DG Asha had a few quick actions before the Vote of Thanks for the first Session, and District Secretary Anil Gupta helped on the Announcements:

  1. 6 New CLUBS in the offing– District Membership Chair Rtn Srinivas Murthy, who had the  Joint honor of adding 52 new clubs to our District during 15-16, announced  the proposed 6 new clubs.
    1. First time in the history of Rotary- an exclusive club – Rotary Bangalore Ability-for Specially abled Rotarians- Sponsored by Rotary Bangalore.  President Rtn Zarir  Batha talked about how he came out with the concept, and how it materialized.
    2. Rotary Udyog with the credit of sponsoring 6 new Clubs announced two more new clubs in Peenya ..bringing their total tally to 8. President Rtn  Arun Belur was recognized by DG on the same.
    3. Rotary Ramangaram is working on sponsoring 3 new Clubs- Rotary Ramanagra Ramaghad, Kunigal Central, Kanakpura Central  with efforts from Rtn Kumarswamy.
  2. Umeed Run– A Run for Uniform for a deserving child, on which Rotary District has joined as a partner.  Event Chair Rtn Anil Rao Paila briefed on the event and sought participation from all Rotarians, Anns, Rotaractors ,and Interactors, and family members for the 3k, 5k, and 10k Run.  Totally 255 Schools and over 15500 deserving school children will be covered from this exclusive event. A short video was also played.  Posters of this with Rotary logo have been doing a great public image, since it is in most of the prominent places and Malls  of Bangalore
  3. Shaam E Khayyam’– Saturday October 7th. IFRM team under the leadership of Rtn Manoj Agarwal launched a mega fund raiser for the District, and a Once in a life time opportunity to hear from the most reputed Sri Khayyam, a music composer who has been contributing for 4 decades in the field of music.
  4. Abhinava- ICGF on Youth Service– Sep 17, Samskruthi Brindavana Convention Centre, Bangalore was officially announced. Event Chair Raveen shared a glimpse of the event, and we are all lucky to hear from one of the most popular child right activist and Nobel Peace Prize Lautarite Sri Kailash Satyarthi as the guest speaker.
  5. District Conference: The Conference team shared the latest statistics. With just over 200+ seats available for the first of its kind- A conference on Cruise, Rtn Harshavardhan called out to Rotarians to close it quickly to avoid disappointment.  A short video on the Royal Carribean – World’s largest Cruise enticed the first time viewers.
  6. LoRD Burman’ – A musical fund raiser from Rotary Peenya- Oct 28th at Chowdaiah Memorial hall -.-‘Proceeds going towards TEACH, Japipur Limb camp, and Dialysis.  Event Chair Rtn Hariram Thakkar presented the details.
  7. Vocational Service team announced on the initiative of capturing vocational details of Rotarians.  Rotarians can submit the information using online link too mentioned below. This is driven by Director Rtn Karigowda, and Chair Rtn Abhay
  8. Ashiana-A unique public image program to showcase the achievements of Clubs on TV- Ashiana  was announced.  As per plan, there will be a weekly slot of 30 minutes exclusively to showcase our projects, and each club can come forward with their projects for a shorter duration.

Vice Governor, and the first John of 3190- Rtn Prasanna Kumar delivered the Vote of Thanks.

Silk City Ramanagara had an exciting entertainment with a special jugal bandhi from Thamate Vadya group.

The 2nd Plenary session was a very informative session on Club Service and started with recognition of all Club Service Directors from clubs with dignitaries

With the Leaders of District  Rtns PDG Yoga, Directors Satish Madhavan, Kumar Ankalkoti, along with Panelists Upendra, Srinivasmurthy, radhakrishna, Lingesh, Regina, Hariram Thakkar- delivered an excellent Panel discussion which was moderated by Rtn Fazal Mahamood

DG felicitated the host clubs, and shared her closing remarks.

Fellowship was unique and different.  The Host team Silk City Ramanagara did a great job in managing the lunch for the 2000+, amidst rain which popped up during lunch time.  The Rotarians showed that they all are a part of the family, stood by the organisers, and waited patiently for their turn, and showcased that Rotarians are role model to others while managing crisis situations.  But since it started raining, and with pressure from the crowd, the lunch was requested to start at 12 .15 PM instead of the planned 1:15 PM, and most of the crowd wanting to get it at the first lot- resulted in few disappointments for some Rotarians, which is regretted.  Lessons learned will be successfully applied for the future events by required teams.

Action was still on, and the Rotarians and families enjoyed the facilities of the resort and had great fun.  Orchestra and Off Dance Competition for the Rotary family was a super duper hit.  With Public Image Director Rtn Nageshwar around , the crowd had a great and satisfying time and had a good break on a Sunday.

High tea followed the rotarians who were still around- Courtesy Silk City Ramanagara rotarians who were at the place till 8 PM.

Kudos to the hosts- 52 year old Rotary Bangalore North, the Lead Club who took care of the program, with a huge number of their rotarians doing a great job with the registration counter which started early in the morning, and the 2 year old club- Silk City Ramanagara who had slogged for several days with members and their families personally contributing from beginning till the end to give us all a good program.

Rain God blessed the program with showers starting towards the end. However, despite the mild showers, Rotarians showed their commitment to Rotary by sticking on.

District Secretary Rajesh Hiremath ( me J ) and Assistant Governor Basavaraj, Peenya did the anchoring for the sessions.

Please find the photo link for the event:

Thanks to the efforts of all the core team members from North and Silk City Ramanagara, Chairman, Co-Chairmen, and Advisor Upendra for a great event, and the District team assures that the subsequent events will be even more attractive with the lessons learned implemented. !

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