A brief report on the activities of the Rotaract Club of Shishu Mandir for April 2017.

Joint Club Meeting 08.04.17

  • We started the meeting at 4:15pm with the invocation song(Bind us together Lord).
  • Rotarians from Rotary Bangalore Whitefield Central our sponsor club. Rtn.Prasanna(acting President and Youth Service Director), Rtn.P.C.Rao(Charter President), Rtn.Amit(acting Secretary), Mr.Anand(Director of Shishu Mandir) and other Rotarians.
  • Prasanna and Rtn.P.C.Rao shared their views; places where we need to improve as a team and also take a step further in organizing joint projects with other Rotaract clubs.
  • The Rotarians appreciated for our efforts and hard work in organizing 19 events in 8 months.

“Each one teach one”

  • Problem Statement: 25 students of Shishu Mandir Education Centre were supposed to be failed for the year 2016-17.
  • Solution: 8 PUC students (Rotaractors of Rotarct Club of Shishu Mandir) took responsibility in tutoring them. Under each Rotaractor 3 students were taken tuitions for 3 hours every day from 04.03.17 to 10.04.17.
  • Output: On April 9, 2017 it was PTA (Parents teachers meeting) at Shishu Mandir Education Centre. Very Surprised and proud of our Rotaractors.
  • In the history of Shishu Mandir, this was a record created for the year 2016-17 there were no failures or drop outs. Everyone was promoted. Importantly the 25 students have secured good marks.

Visit to Nirmala Shishu Bhavan, 22.04.17:

  • “Orphanages are the only places that ever left us feeling empty and full at the same time.”
  • We met the children had nice conversations and donated few clothes and fruits for all the inmates.
  • We sang songs and danced with those children by this .We came to know the hidden talents of the children.
  • We all received a pendent of Mother Teresa and Mother Mary by one of the sisters.
  • It was the best day for us because usually we mingle with the people who are like us but when we ourselves go and talk to people who are different from us is the best moment of our life.

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