A brief report on the activities of the Rotaract Club of Shishu Mandir for July 2016.

  • On 9th July we planned for a Farewell party in Shishu Mandir Education Centre for 3 of our Rotaractors.
  • We gave them a “Certificate of Appreciation” along with a photo frame made by our Interactors (Paperwala).
  • They shared their experience being in the Rotaract Club.
  • On 15th July we planned for a professional Service project “Interview Skills” by Mrs.Deepika for all our Rotaractors.
  • She conducted mock interviews to every individual and gave feedback about our area to be improved.
  • This session gave us many important tips to face interview like how to have good body language, communication skills, tackling questions, usage of fillers etc.
  • This is her second visit to Shishu Mandir. We also won an award for professional service under community based club for “session on intellectual Skills” by Deepika Ma’am.
  • We are really thankful to Rtn Manoj Kabre for referencing us with Deepika Ma’am.

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