A brief report on the activities of the Rotaract Club of Shishu Mandir for March 2017.

Rotaractor’s Day Out:

  • On the 6thof March all the Rotaractors(girls) along with Raghu Sir, Rajkumar Sir and Sunitha Ma’am had been to Mekedaatu.
  • All started on 5th of March when all the Rotaractors came to School in the evening all their things and all were exited to spend that night in School.
  • We prepared breakfast everybody had, then we all crossed the shallow water to the other side of the river from there we planned to trek our way to Mekedaatu. But the people told that it was prohibited. So we board the bus that would take us to Mekedaatu. We finally reached and WOW!! What a sight… our eyes could only see gigantic rocks popping out of the surface of the ground.
  • All of them and fun in the water playing kabadi and dancing. After all this fun we got back into the bus and all were exhausted slumped back into the seats, we started our journey back to Bangalore and after a while nothing could dampen the dancer’s spirits however tired they were, dancing in the van resumed.

Happy Birthday Rotaractors:

  • We celebrated the birthday of our rotaractors dated from December to March.
  • We also had a meeting with Anand Sir(Director of Shishu Mandir) and Rtn. Manoj Kabre(Rotary Bangalore Whitefield Central) who motivated us about as how the upcoming projects should be organized, to take a step further in inviting other Rotaract Clubs, doing joint projects.
  • We also had a meeting with the facilitators of We are around 10 members who are willing to be a part of Meghshala in facilitating the government school teachers in implementing E-Learning.

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