A brief report on the activities of the Rotaract Club of Shishu Mandir for November 2016.

  • The 2st PUC Rotaractors organized “Nature is Future” event on 12th November for the remaining Rotaractors.
  • To know the importance of the environment through a game called “get over the task”.
  • The game consisted of five tasks.
  • 1st task was to obstacle race, this was a to build up the team spirit.
  • 2nd task was that the Rotaractors were given chit which will take them to a place and were made to clean the area.
  • The 3rd task was based on innovativeness and creative thinking of Rotaractors. They were made to write a poem on environment.
  • The 4th task was also focused on creativity. Charts were given and asked to sketch on topics such as different types of pollution, conservation of water and forest with importance. These charts were pinned on the school notice board.
  • 5th task each Rotaractor was asked to shoot a minimum of three basket in the basketball court.

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