A brief report on the activities of the Rotaract Club of Shishu Mandir for October 2016.

  • The 1st PUC Rotaractors organized a cycling event (Cyclist Rotaractors) on 8th October for the remaining Rotaractors. At first we had the Ayudha Pooja for all the cycles.
  • At one point we all had blown balloons and tie it to the cycle later had to break the balloon under the cycle wheel. Then we had to answer riddles, puzzles. And finally reach the destination (Bidrahalli).
  • This was a real entertainment apart from our daily schedules. This event brought all of our Rotaractors together and could understand each other better.
  • On 22nd October we all organized an event for the Government School children.
  • We taught them English songs, poems and conducted games. We also conducted song and dance competition. After a small break we played musical chairs.
  • Everyone received gifts (pen, pencil, scale, eraser, notebooks).
  • It was an attempt to give opportunity to these children to overcome their barriers and think positively about their future and work hard in the field they are interested.
  • Some of our Rotarctors volunteered for the RBWC CSR Workshop on 22nd October in Premium Inn, Whitefield.
  • They packed saplings with the gift wrappers. They issued ID cards and registered the delegates, subject matter experts and the visitors.
  • By volunteering for this great event which happens every year helped them to know about people in the cooperate world and also how to present themselves.
  • We are really thankful to Rtn.Manoj Kabre for giving this opportunity to be a part of this program.We also gave them two blankets and some used clothes. They enjoyed being with us and had a great time.

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