Rotary Wheel on Flower Show

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JANUARY 20, 2018

A joint project by 20 clubs in RI District 3190, all from Bangalore joined hands together and participated in the annual flower show during Republic Day in Lalbagh Botanical garden. This project is about creating awareness about what are the activities Rotary is doing and the areas of focus, projects executed and so on. As an anchor point, Rotary Wheel was created with a steel base structure and supported amply with steel poles too. Then the shape was decorated with flower thus bringing the Rotary Wheel out of flower and adding tricolour elements to specialise it for the Republic day.

This was inaugurated on 20th January 2018 and will be on till the tenure of the flower show. The structure is prominently placed on the way to the glass house. Flowers are changed every 2-3 days regularly for maintaining freshness throughout the show. About 500,000 people are expected to visit during this show and we expect a good outcome for the same.

A contest has also been announced by our club to promote members to visit this initiative


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